Re: JiffyDOS and surface-mounted chips

From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1998-10-10 18:20:18

>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Karlsson <> writes:

Marko> Are you sure that they are surface-mounted?

Peter> Yes. They are. I've already checked that.

Sure you don't mean that they're soldered to the motherboard without a
socket? It's just that I've never heard of surface mounted chips in a
commodore 8-bit, or surface mounted ROMs in any computer for that

Marko> You can desolder a Chip Select or Output Enable signal from the
Marko> original chip and connect it to +5V or ground, whichever is the
Marko> inactive level.

Peter> Hmm, where do I find out which one is which?

Chip directory or Giant IC Masturbator have them listed. What type is
the ROM, i.e. 2364, 2564 or 2764? How many pins are there on the JD?
It should be a 28-pin 2764 mounted on a small adaptor board with 24
pins, since that's what Sandinge had in stock IIRC. If your original
ROM is 24-pin (and if it isn't socketed I bet it is) you can just
piggy-back the JD onto the existing ROM like Marko said. You could
also cut the legs of the existing ROM close to the chip and piggy-back
it to the legs, but you'd have to be really careful not to damage any
traces on the board.

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