JiffyDOS and surface-mounted chips

From: Peter Karlsson (peter_at_perkele.coyote.org)
Date: 1998-10-10 12:11:23


I just bought JiffyDOS chips for my C64 and C1541-II on a sale that
Sandinge's (Swedish affiliate for CMD) had, and I plan on installing them.
The problem is that my C64 (newer model, bought in 1988) has surface-mounted
chips... I was thinking of installing the JiffyDOS chip piggy-back on the
existing kernal chip, and somehow removing the Chip Select signal from the
existing chip, and feeding it to the JiffyDOS chip instead.

Has anyone done this, and can verify that it works? Or that it doesn't, and
that I should remove the chip in some other way instead (which I don't have
the equipment to do)?

Oh, and then the 1541-II chips... The ROM was socketed, but 1541-II-JiffyDOS
includes a switch, which I hadn't counted on (1571 JiffyDOS don't, and
that's all I've had before, for my 128DCR and my 1571)... If I can't drill
a hole (which I probably can, but then I have to get a drill...), can the
switch be installed somewhere else?

In JiffyDOS mode, is the drive completely incompatible with a stock system,
or does it just work worse?

Peter - http://nafmo.home.ml.org/

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