Re: Images

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1998-10-07 03:52:08

Hello Mark and Marko.

>> Changing subject, I want to find a connector for the PET/C64 user port, in
>> order to make up a lead for prlink. Anyone know of a place that still sells
>> these?
>In Germany Conrad carried them as late as in 1996.  Maybe they still have
>them?  Otherwise you can always solder the leads directly to the user
>port. :-)  Or build an interface for the cartridge port. (Frank Kontros
>had some plans for such a thing, didn't you?)

Yes. I know and have 4-5 of them. I'm ordering it from hungary. The source
is surely Austria, but I don't know exactly the place itself. IAC, I can
order it for $2 each. It worth because it has positions for the leading keys.
If you need, I could send you next week one for try.


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