Re: 1570 drive

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1998-10-06 10:00:22

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hello everyone. I got rather lucky at the sales this weekend, picking up a
> C64 and a 1570 for 4 english pounds. This is a most bizarre drive! I can't
> work out why it exists. It's exactly as reported on Cameron Kaiser's
> Secret Weapons page, so look there for the weird and wonderful details,

Thanks, I took the photos ;-)

> but my question is this: why did Commodore make the thing at all? It can't
> possibly have cost less to make than the 'real' 1571, so I don't see what
> they had to gain by marketing a single-sided 1571 at a reduced price.

According to the 64'er magazine, this was done due to difficulties in
production of the 1571. Maybe the supply of double sided drive was not
enough, so they used the 1571 board together with 1541 components. As I
understand it, the 1570 dissapeared from the market as soon as the 1571
was widely available.

> If I took a 1571 ROM and a double-sided ALPS mechanism (if there is such a
> thing), I wonder if it could be upgraded to full 1571 capability...

It's perfectly possible, I have a detailed step by step description how
to do it. But it's untested, since I decided to leave this drive in its
original state and buy an extra 1571. I don't know if the 1571 Alps
drive fits into the 1570 case, since the 1571 Newtronics also wouldn't

What is most remarkable about the 1570 ROM is the fact that some bugs in
the 1571 ROM were already fixed! The 1571 upgrade itself followed much
later, I guess in 1989. For example the 1570 can burst load write
protected files, which the 1571 can't.

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