Re: SX kernal ROM

From: Frank Kontros (
Date: 1998-09-30 01:23:58


>My SX motherboard (PNO 251102 REV A) has a 28 pin socket for the
>kernal ROM, which is a 2654 EPROM. The schematics lists UD3 as being
>either a 2364 or a 2564. Can I plug in a 2364 ROM in the socket
>without modification? Is there a jumper or something that I need to
>change? I'm asking because I can't seem to find the correct pinout for
>the 2364. The only one that I've found (in Marko/Pekka's 256kB memory
>expansion project) is obviously incorrect as it only lists 12 address

What about the schematic in the C64 ref guide, also can be found on
funet. 2364 is a masked ROM and has 13 addr lines of course. And I
remember exactly in past I replaced it with 2764 28-pin one, but
some wiring has been made around it.


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