Re: SX kernal ROM

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-09-30 10:02:42

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, MagerValp wrote:

> My SX motherboard (PNO 251102 REV A) has a 28 pin socket for the
> kernal ROM, which is a 2654 EPROM. The schematics lists UD3 as being
> either a 2364 or a 2564.

What is a 2564?  Is it pin-compatible with the 2764?

> I'm asking because I can't seem to find the correct pinout for the 2364. 

Try the C64 schematic diagrams from  And if you do so,
please let me know, what exact pins are wrong in the 256kB memory
expansion docs.


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