From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-09-25 11:11:15

Frank Kontros wrote:
> I remember something like situation, when connected both
> serial printer and floppy to the C= serial bus, it is
> possible print file without interaction of computer
> itself. You meant that kind of transfer?

Yes, exactly. I know of such a program (think I have it) but you had
to press a key to tell the software that the printing is finished.
So it did not monitor the bus AFAIR.

I want to setup a disk drive sending a block (256 byte) of data
after a U1, B-P=0 and another device reading the same data.
The floppy sends a EOI with the 256th byte, so no problem here.
I'll probably send the computer in a tight loop to monitor the
IEEE EOI line (as tight that it does not miss the last byte with 
EOI). At least with this approach the computer does not slow
down the transfer by handling the handshake lines itself, counting
the bytes.


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