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Date: 1998-09-25 00:14:13

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Andre Fachat wrote:
> > P.S.: Marko, I don't sent a new mail for the upload...
> Sorry that I didn't move the previous version to the archive in time.  I
> couldn't figure out where it should go.  Now it's available from

I didn't recognize anyway :-)

One question to all of you:

Has anyone ever tried to transfer data from one device to another
on the IEC/IEEE bus? I mean sending a LISTEN to one device and
a TALK to another. This does in fact not seem to be a problem
(do you get an EOF after 256 byte after a U1, B-P = 0 on the 
VC1541?) More a problem seem to reliably detect the end of
the transition. I could
 - receive the bytes on the computer myself, seeing that another
   device receives them as well (which works on IEEE488, but on IEC?)
 - Or monitor the lines and check for inactive lines and missing 

What do you think?


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