Re: REM <SHIFT+L> and $E10C

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-09-22 05:41:00

Frank Kontros wrote:
> Right. BTW, most of DOS speeders (SPEEDOS, PROLOGIC DOS, JIFFY DOS?) fixes that bug.
> I also fixed it in my KERNAL patch (if someone would need, the source available).
> Although Action Replay does not (!). Can anyone confirm other freezers (eg. FINAL 3,
> Magic Formel, Super Snapshot) by trying list the '1 REM CTRL+L' line.

Hiya :)  Frank, you meant '1 REM SHIFT+L', right?

Anyway, I tried shift+l on 4 setups.

Got the error in these 3:
SCPU 64 (with JiffyDos active)
SuperSnapshot v5.22
stock 64 (of course)

Didn't get the error in 128 mode though - it was

1 REM shift+L


Anyone explain this one?

I emailed the one guy I'm sure told me he had one of those
monitors that does both PAL and NTSC in colour, but he hasn't
written me back.  I do remember Fungus telling me he was
sure it was true, but I don't believe he claimed he owned
one.  Anyway, this is all hearsay both ways - I'd like to
hear from someone with some authority on the subject...
Robin Harbron
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