Re: New X1541 standard

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-09-14 22:14:45

Hallo Frank,

> Done. What about my version?

I'll have a look at it later this evening when I send this mail.

> I wrote it in asm, so you can compare the speedz. Just only 10 native mode 
> drives emulated and a 256K REU, but in future ... anything possible.

Server64 has the possebility to support up to 16 but by a programerror (???) 
you're only have access to 12 if you have no other devices attached like 
printers. But who does need so many? I'll change the software so you can 
"change" the diskette (read D64-file).

> In my opininon there are no fastloader specifications at all. All transfer
> operations should be maximally synchronized. There are general rules, but
> no specifications.

I hoped that someone had disassembled one of these fastloaders including 
documentation. I started to disassemble EXOS so I can use its protocol for 
Server64 as well.

>  Isn't you meant the burst protocol specifications, used in 1571/81 drives?

No, but I wished I could uses it but I doubt it as the burst protocol uses the 
special serial pin of the 6526 to transmit data. The bottleneck in this case is 
the LPT-port as all ISA-I/O runs only at about 2 MHZ.

Groetjes, Ruud

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