Datasette tape format

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-09-12 04:56:41

Forgive me if this is available somewhere on the net.  In fact,
do more than forgive me - give me the URL! :)  I couldn't find
what I was looking for after half an hour of looking...

Anyway, I would like to know the way that a file is written
to tape - how is each bit stored?  What is the header like?
Is there some sort of "packet" system, with a checksum built

I'm primarily interested in the standard kernal tape format.

There exists an excellent document about the Atari 2600's
Supercharger tape format - it was enough information for
me to make the SID emulate the sounds a Supercharger
makes, and write a C64->Atari 2600 transfer program,
that takes a 2600 binary and "plays" it out into the
Supercharger ram cart plugged into the 2600, effectively
turning the C64 into a development platform for 2/4k
2600 games.  Anyway, I digress - check out my web page
if you're interested, under Computers and Video Games.
It's called "playbin".

Here's the Supercharger document I was talking about -
does something similar exist for the datasette?  This
is what I'm looking for.
Robin Harbron
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