Re: 1571 problem

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1998-09-10 15:23:06

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> Hi everyone. I've just got hold of my first 1571 and it has some problems.
> Startup is fine, but when I try to load the directory, it gets a little
> way into the listing (using the plus/4's DIRECTORY command) but then the
> machine crashes with all sorts of random errors (usually ending up in the
> Monitor). The problem is not with the plus/4, because it works fine with
> 1541s and indeed the 1551, but I am curious as to how incorrect serial
> protocol can actually crash the host computer... any ideas?
> Being a 1571, most of the parts (6502, 6522, 6526) are fairly common so I
> have high hopes of repairing this unit :-)

FWIW, it may be the computer itself.

I've got a couple of 128c's, and the first one I got would SOMETIMES
load stuff and would crash into the monitor every once in a while. In
addition, when trying to use TWO 1571's in GEOS, the software wouldn't
load...however if I used a 1571 and a 1541, it would work okay, or if I
simply turned off the extra 1571. The other 128 console works perfectly
with the same drives.

I figured that maybe there might be an incompatibility between the
combination of drives I was using, so I used a third 1571 in various
combinations with the other two, but that didn't help.

Oh course the funky 128 console will reset randomly for no apparent
reason too. Not sure if it's related to the power supply yet (which is
quite likely), but like I said, any combination of drives on the other
128 work perfectly.

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