1571 problem

From: Richard Atkinson (rga24_at_hermes.cam.ac.uk)
Date: 1998-09-10 13:04:30

Hi everyone. I've just got hold of my first 1571 and it has some problems.
Startup is fine, but when I try to load the directory, it gets a little
way into the listing (using the plus/4's DIRECTORY command) but then the
machine crashes with all sorts of random errors (usually ending up in the
Monitor). The problem is not with the plus/4, because it works fine with
1541s and indeed the 1551, but I am curious as to how incorrect serial
protocol can actually crash the host computer... any ideas?

Being a 1571, most of the parts (6502, 6522, 6526) are fairly common so I
have high hopes of repairing this unit :-)


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