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From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1998-09-06 21:29:55

Hallo Per,

> It's the post that eventually ended up in the FAQ. I followed the
> instructions, and 12V works OK, but I'm having problems with 5V. The
> 5V section reads:
> 5. Locate L5. It will probably be in one of two locations. On the
>    older version, desolder the right hand leg and lift. On the newer
>    version, desolder the top leg and lift.
> 6. Connect +5V to the empty L5 hole.
> Measuring at the hole where I connected I get a healthy +5V, but if I
> measure at pin 2 on the user port I get less than +1V. Any ideas of
> what might be wrong? Should L5 be connected again? What does it do?

L5 is a coil. A coil has two ends. Connecting the 5V to the hole of one end 
didn't work out. So let's try the other one! 

Have a look at the SCH in the Ref.Guide and you know why :-)

BTW, a coil does nothing else then filtering spikes and noice out of the 5V. 

Groetjes, Ruud

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