Re: KIM-1 docs

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-09-04 09:57:58

Andre Fachat wrote:
> Peter Karlsson wrote:
> > A simple one [converts ISO 8859-1 <--> DOS CP437] is available at
> > (source code,
> > DOS, OS/2 and Linux/i386 (libc5) binaries are available).
> Thanks. But I cannot get the source extracted from the RAR file on Linux.
> Wouldn't LZH or TAR be a better choice?
> I don't like running binaries of the net without having the source.

Ok, I checked it anyway. But I do occasionally get strange characters
"~U" and "~C" in vi. Also strange because ~U seems to represent
several different characters. I don't have the source, so I cannot
help you. Can you check the docs please?


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