Re: 9V AC needed for C64?

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1998-09-03 16:45:36

Peter Karlsson wrote:
>fortunately, in C128 mode, the keyboard layout is switched back
> to the original American by the ASCII/CC key (which is the same as the CAPS
> LOCK key, so the CAPS LOCK function is not available), which also switches
> between the original American C64/C128 and the Swedish C64/C128 character
> set 
Heh. I know that button : it's always depressed here ;) (Being dutch,
both German as well as Belgian/French keyboardlayouts are quite

> (in my C128, there is an extra wire from the keyboard controller to the
> character generator, in the C128DCR, it's supported by the board via a
> jumper setting).
Well, there's a quite unprofessional hack done in my 128D, involving
wires and stuff.... I would have expected more from Commodore, but
the guy who gave me the thing claimed that it was in it's original state.

By the way: A belgium / french C128 keyboard is just _ugly_ to look
at (several keys have 4 different layouts. Especially the numberkeys
are a mess, because while the US keyboards have the numbers unshifted,
AZERTY keyboards have them shifted. Almost as annoying as the lack
of number keys on a PET (apart from the numeric keypad) )
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