Re: 9V AC needed for C64?

From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 1998-09-03 16:09:12

> Speaking of 128D's (off-topic!): How many 'national' versions were
> there of this machine? I've got a German 128-flat, a French/Belgian
> 128D (AZERTY sucks, btw) (ah well.. I wish it would, actually), I remember 
> reading that there was a swedish version too..

I have one Swedish/Finnish C128 and one Swedish/Finnish C128DCR.
Unfortunately, the Swedish keyboard layout in both C128 and C64 mode (they
differ somewhat) are missing a couple of graphical characters, which can't
be entered (fortunately, in C128 mode, the keyboard layout is switched back
to the original American by the ASCII/CC key (which is the same as the CAPS
LOCK key, so the CAPS LOCK function is not available), which also switches
between the original American C64/C128 and the Swedish C64/C128 character
set (in my C128, there is an extra wire from the keyboard controller to the
character generator, in the C128DCR, it's supported by the board via a
jumper setting).

Peter -

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