Re: P-500 revisited

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-08-08 05:15:14

Ruud Baltissen wrote:
> Hallo Larry,
> > There is a second chip next to it with it's part label removed (dried spooge
> > on the top),
> What is spooge ???
Spooge is just one of many names for the remenants from an adhesive label,
sometimes also referred to as goo.  This particular reminant is just the dried
adhesive, so I figure the label just fell off.

> > the chip ID is: N82S100N 8235  (I haven't searched the net to determine what
> > the chip is, one day I may study electronics more....)
> The 82S100 is a Programmable Logic Array. The 82S100 is used in the C64
> as well, but programmed in a much different way. If you don't know what
> a PLA is, see it as a very fast ROM.
Thanks, So can I read it with my EPROM (Promenade) unit, or do I not need to
bother with it?

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