P-500 revisited

From: Larry Anderson (foxnhare_at_goldrush.com)
Date: 1998-08-05 03:57:11

Well started examination on the P-500 again, dumped the ROMs and am writing
down numbers...

Here are some details for those interested:

The Motherboard's Assembly Number is: 4256046

The 3 8k (HN482764) EPROMs are C= part numbers: 901234-02, 901235-02, and 901236-02
There is another chip marked FPLA #1 0906114-02
There is a second chip next to it with it's part label removed (dried spooge
on the top),
the chip ID is: N82S100N 8235  (I haven't searched the net to determine what
the chip is, one day I may study electronics more....)

I'll get the bianaries up to FUNET once I get my null-modem connect to the Mac
re-established... :)

If anyone has any questions regardng the P-500 fire away, I can digitize any
part of it you may want to see.
 - - - - - - - - - 
Those who have seen the web page know the P-500 wasn't in fully functional
order, I was just going to give you guys a run down but it seems to be running
ok now (yippe!) I guess the ROM pulling and re-seating did the trick.

Also read-ROMS recently an a PET 2001 32k. Which had upgrade ROMs labeled:

C000 - 901465-01
D000 - 901465-02
E000 - 901447-24
F000 - 901465-03

Char: 901447-10

Any need for these on FUNET?

Will have a Wordpro 3 ROM (WITH matching program) once I jury rig a missing
pin, and if I can find my chips case (a cassette tape box...somewhere) I have
a toolkit or two and a diskless Visicalc ROM.


Next computer to be read and examined will be an Origianl ROM PET.
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