(fwd) Found PET schematics and stuff (fwd)

From: Andre Fachat (a.fachat_at_physik.tu-chemnitz.de)
Date: 1998-07-28 09:31:24

Anyone in the US going to contact him?


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Subject: Found PET schematics and stuff
Date: 28 Jul 1998 04:46:43 GMT
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Cleaning the garage, found the following documents

User's Reference Manual Commodore BASIC Version 4.0
Disk System User Reference Guide
CBM User's Guide Series 8000
CBM Expansion Memory Board User's Guide
schematics for 8032 2031 and 8050

also a PET to IEEE cable

some marketing literature

If somebody wants this stuff, I'll ship it for twenty bucks. 

Jim Nearing

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