From: Levente Harsfalvi (levente_at_tolna.hungary.net)
Date: 1998-07-04 10:20:12


> Hm, a _long_ time ago I wrote a disco-light program to blink
> eight lights driven from the userport (via opto-couplers and PA)
> with some patters. I don't remember anymore if we really did it, but we
> wanted to use the bass drum (after filtering, etc) as beat for the
> lights...

This one was especialy for a laser, which was positioned by two small
mirrors and a pair of scanner motors. The C64 side produced some
visual effects and pictures using these instruments. It also contained
some 3d engine parts.

Regarding the bassdrum thing, yes, I've seen techs which utilized
some dynamics-sensors to detect the beat.


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