C64 IDE interface

From: John (john_at_ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au)
Date: 1998-07-04 08:13:43

Sorry this took so long.  I've stuck my IDE interface design at
The .pcb and .s01 files are the PCB and schematic files in Protel format
(the old MSDOS version).  The GIF is the schematic, and there are
postscript versions of the top, bottom, and overlay layers of the PCB.

I still haven't tested this.  Haven't even managed to etch the board yet.

You'll need a copy of the ATA-2 or ATA-3 specification if you want to write
some software for it.  Have a look at http://fission.dt.wdc.com/x3t13

John West
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