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Date: 1998-06-23 22:07:13

Hallo Ethan,

> I'm interested!

Send me your personal email address as the ZIP is 85 KB big and as we know of 
my last attempt, the mailserver does not dig this size :-(

> > > I recently aquired an IDE interface for my C64 (IDE64).  It seems to
> from the makers of the IDE-64.  The comments are in a language unfamilar
> to me (something eastern-European), but there's enough there to figure out
> how it works.

It is Czech.
> It has a 62256 SRAM, a 27256 EPROM, an 8-pin real-time clock chip, and
> two Lattice isp1016 gate arrays.  If you wanted to reverse-engineer
> the gate arrays, go right ahead.  I won't stop you.  :-)  While this
> may be an issue in the future, this product is still in production.
> I am the first customer in the U.S. (which is also why I suspect a
> PAL/NTSC timing problem)

This is the design of Jan Vorlicek (and that's why I know the language is 
Czech). In my former pages I had a link to his site. But due to these GALS 
the project is not interesting. They cannot be read if you want to. You 
could study their behaviour by feeding them with all kind of signals but 
in this case it is not worth the trouble. I already asked him for the 
GAL-equations but he refused. I understand and respect his decision. But 
as I already told last email, using the 3 mentioned examples it should not 
be difficult to build one of our own. Is there anybody interested in 
'pulling the car'? I can help of course but at the moment I'm busy with my 
65816/MMU project.

Groetjes, Ruud

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