Re: Dhanged email address and homepage.

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-06-17 15:04:31

Hi Ruud,

Where is your new homepage now?

> As you can see I use Andres way of writing down my email address as I got hit 
> twice by spammers already. But I hope I scared them with the following message:

It's only important for postings to usenet, where I use the same
signature file. email should be readable for spammers (I hope ;-)

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Dear Reader,

Well learned that ignoring them is probably the best way. If you reply
they will simply know that someone is really listening, no matter
what the recipient thinks of it - and probably use it again.

> For the very simple reason that it takes time to read it and time is what my 
> little attachment needs to crawl into your PC and to start its only task: make 
This, however, is a nice idea indeed :-)

> If you do not have a PC, then you can relax. My little baby only works on INTEL 
> based CPUs :-(

And only on DOS/Windows, right?


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