Dhanged email address and homepage.

Date: 1998-06-16 22:21:50

Hallo allemaal,

Some of you may know that I mentioned the fact that two dutch providers joined 
their activities and that things would change for their customers. Due to an 
error a letter mentioning the specific date concerning me never reached me. And 
the Law of Murphy struck me at the one moment I could do nothing: when I was on 
hollidays last two weeks. Kindly enough WXS admitted their fault and put a 
person on the job migrating me to their new computer. This proved to be much 
quicker then expected so here I am again.

For Marko,
As I am not capable of unsubscribe my old email addres, could you do the favour 
by simply changing it to "rbaltissen AT wxs DOT nl"? Thanks.

As you can see I use Andres way of writing down my email address as I got hit 
twice by spammers already. But I hope I scared them with the following message:
Dear Reader,

As your message has nothing to do with my hobbies, computers, motorbikes, and 
VW Beetles and the fact that it has a commercial background, I consider it as 
SPAM. Then why do I take the time to send you this message you'll ask yourself? 
For the very simple reason that it takes time to read it and time is what my 
little attachment needs to crawl into your PC and to start its only task: make 
your life even worse then it already is!

If you do not have a PC, then you can relax. My little baby only works on INTEL 
based CPUs :-(

With not so kind regards,

Your worst NIGHTMARE.

As the techies you all are you know it is impossible(??) to send a virus in a 
email, but most commercial sharks I know ain't no techies and will take no risk 
and loose at least some time (=money) with scanning their machines with a virus 

Groetjes, Ruud

You're free to use the message and attachment for own purposes. 

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