Re: Darn.

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 1998-06-08 09:43:46

Robin Harbron wrote:
> Yes - the last PET I obtained (4032) worked fine at the shop, but failed
> when I got it home.  I vacuumed the motherboard off, and located one
> chip that had half popped out - just reseated it, and it's been working
> great ever since.  I haven't found a PET yet that was really dead -
> there was always something simple I could do to get them going again.
Hmm. Ah. well.. I think I got the problem.. It isn't a bad connection,
it isn't a popped out chip, it's the power supply.

You know... I checked it, really! Located the first 74LS*** I could find,
located GND and VCC, checked it, et voila: A nice 5.00 volts.

How the **** could I know that the thing has two seperate 5 volt 


(Oh yeah. Because it has two 7805's.. Hmmm..)

Martijn van Buul,
Tijntje@OuterSpace - 3333 
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