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From: Howard Herman (
Date: 1998-06-07 11:49:14

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> Hello all!
> Also, I will spend two weeks in New York, Boston and in the Silicon Valley
> in November or so.  I don't know the exact schedule yet.

November in New York sounds fine.

And, if your visit happens to include the second Tuesday of the month, you
can be treated to a visit with BUG, the Bronx Users' Group.  In fact, I
suspect a lot of users locally would like to meet you, so arranging some
sort of combination meeting that includes a few area groups might make for
a convivial evening of C= talk.  

This may require some advance planning, so I guess it would depend upon
your knowing your travel schedule ahead of time.
> If you live near these places and would like to meet me, contact me so
> that we can arrange the details.

Details!  There's the rub!  :-}
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