Re: OS/A65 version 2.0

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-04-25 19:49:06

MagerValp wrote:
> Andre> dynamic memory management
> I thought it had that before? How is memory allocated if you don't use
> lib6502? I'm assuming here that lib6502 is implemented on top of
> OSA/65 -- is this the case?

lib6502 is on top of OS/A65, right. Ok, OS/A65 has no real dynamic
memory management. Each environment has its own memory reserved
for lib6502 use. This memory is given when calling lib6502 malloc.

The OS itself handles different memory environments and tasks/threads
running in them. The memory layout has to be fixed when booting
(i.e. ROM-based programs can only use non-overlapping memory areas)
Lib6502 is ROM-based and knows about the available memory that 
it can use for malloc. This is then used when dynamically
loading programs from disk.

Remember, OS/A65 can be downsized for embedded applications where
you don't need all that stuff.

>   I'm working on the memory allocation routines for SMOS. :) I guess
> that means that SMOS is out of the moth bag... I started rewriting
> everything from scratch a couple of nights ago, this time with DAsm
> and lots of IFCONST C64 to make porting easier.

First I did that as well, but it proved better to have all that 
architecture specific stuff in a special file that can be exchanged
for other architectures. I have it in a complete arch subdirectory even.


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