Copyrights Commodore
Date: 1998-04-24 20:47:52

Hallo allemaal,

I just got some interesting news from my friend Wim. We both are members of the 
border (???) of the Commodore GG (= User Group). As largest Commodore group  
here in Holland and due to other reasons as well, we have established close 
contacts with Tulip ie. Commodore. 
Wim got an official letter of Tulip saying that they own all the rights of all 
Commodores through out of the world with exception of the Amiga. So now we know.

Next question is if we can get permission to continue the activities we employ 
like placing ROMs, sourcelistings etc. on the net. I already had an unofficial 
answer ("We don't mind as long it is not commercial") but an official one would 
be better.

Groetjes, ruud 

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