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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-04-23 13:58:53 wrote:
> Next question is if we can get permission to continue the activities we employ 
> like placing ROMs, sourcelistings etc. on the net. I already had an unofficial 
> answer ("We don't mind as long it is not commercial") but an official one would 
> be better.

Yes. And it should be possible to put the ROMs into (at least freeware) 
emulators. Hm, we also have the problem that we have to exclude the ROMs from
VICE for the Linux distributions that include VICE. What about this
situation? The GPL (for Linux and VICE) allows taking money, and they
clearly make some money with it. Currently the distibutors don't put
the ROMs there because of the Copyright situation.

I guess I have to add a `real' copyrights to the patched C64 ROMs on
my homepage?

And what happens if someone makes a CD of
I mean, I would like to pay at least for the cost, is this commercial 

I think those are (my) most pressing problems concerning the ROMs.

Could probably someone with a more `legalese' knowlegde write a kind
of CBM-License that allows the stuff mentioned, to propose it to the 
Tulip (CBM) people? (I mean kind of, `you sign that and we never bug you
again about it?' Probably tell them bout the Netscape source opening... ;-)


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