Re: 4000/8000 series line gaps

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1998-04-02 19:31:08

Andre Fachat wrote:
> Larry Anderson wrote:
> > Also to note, PRINTing CHR$(14) on the 'Fat Forty' (possibly also 8032)
> > adjusts the line spacing so there is a two-pixel gap between lines, the same
> > effect cannot be accomplished by POKE 59468,14 alone.
> On my 8296 there is a gap too (can't remember how many lines). You can see
> that easily by putting some reverse character on the screen in two lines. This
> is done by setting the number of rasterlines per character in the CRTC to
> a higher value, ...clip... This is only on upper/lower case mode, not in graphics mode which is
> probably thought of being compatible with the older PET.
> Andre

But if you want to mess with line gaps in graphics mode you can always add
this line:

print chr$(14):poke 59468,12

Chr$ 14 will make the text spread out and in lower case and the poke will only
change thae set back to graphics mode, but leave the line spacing elongated.  :)

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