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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-04-02 09:53:03

Larry Anderson wrote:
> Also to note, PRINTing CHR$(14) on the 'Fat Forty' (possibly also 8032)
> adjusts the line spacing so there is a two-pixel gap between lines, the same
> effect cannot be accomplished by POKE 59468,14 alone.

On my 8296 there is a gap too (can't remember how many lines). You can see 
that easily by putting some reverse character on the screen in two lines. This
is done by setting the number of rasterlines per character in the CRTC to 
a higher value, with the hardware providing blank data where no charrom
data is available. The rest of the timing has to be adjusted though.
This is only on upper/lower case mode, not in graphics mode which is
probably thought of being compatible with the older PET.


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