Re: petindex renewed

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-04-02 18:31:16

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, MagerValp wrote:

> >>>>> "Andre" == Andre Fachat <> writes:
> Andre>
> Much nicer. Comments (as I browse through the pages):
> * You managed to type <y/h3> towards the end in pinouts.html

Using a validator (or even a lighter syntax checker, such as weblint) 
would have detected this error.  A good validator can be found at  Its
error messages are in Finnish, unless you select the English version, but
the messages are quite understandable anyway, and if you know HTML, then
it'll always report that everything is OK. :-) 

> * Maybe more pictures? There are pics of almost all models on
> I could help with providing nice, decently sized ones
>   if you want.

I wouldn't like these pictures to be used directly, but through my web
page's Pictures section (
There you will find George Page's descriptions of these pictures he made.

> * Some of the ASCII tables and illustrations (such as the keyboard
>   decoding and the connector pinouts) would be much easier to read if
>   they were converted to gifs and/or tables. (Hmm, how's lynx' table
>   support nowadays?)

Lynx interprets <TR> (or </TR>) as a line break, and it centers all cells
on the line.  Nested tables probably don't work, and the table cells
should be equally wide, so that the columns are aligned.  I.e. if you want
a table like this:

       a   bb
       ccc dddd

Lynx will show it like

       a bb
     ccc dddd

unless you pad the "a" and "bb" fields with $a0 chars (non-breakable
spaces, or &nbsp; for those who don't know how to write 8-bit characters).


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