Re: petindex renewed

From: MagerValp (MagerValp_at_Goth.Org)
Date: 1998-04-02 18:18:19

>>>>> "Andre" == Andre Fachat <> writes:

MV> * Maybe more pictures? There are pics of almost all models on
MV> I could help with providing nice, decently sized ones
MV> if you want.

Andre> Oh, didn't know that funet also has pictures (was only looking
Andre> at You never stop learning...) If you can size them
Andre> appropriately that would be nice.

As it turns out we can't use them. Anyway, I'll be taking a few
pictures of my own computers (8032SK, SX-64, maybe some of the others,
all have swedish keyboards). Any requests?

Andre> Does funet have pictures of the different keyboard layouts? I
Andre> made some of my machines at home, but unfortunately they didn't
Andre> work out (not good enough)

Gerald Page's pics are a bit on the blurry side and there aren't any
really good pictures of the keyboards.

MV> * Some of the ASCII tables and illustrations (such as the keyboard
MV> decoding and the connector pinouts) would be much easier to read if
MV> they were converted to gifs and/or tables. (Hmm, how's lynx' table
MV> support nowadays?)

Andre> I don't know about lynx. I do have some scans of the original
Andre> 8296 addendum with the pinouts etc, but

Andre> a) didn't have time to convert them from tiff to gif (xv scales
Andre> them down to screen size, so resolution is lost, other tools
Andre> are scarce)

Tried the GIMP?

Andre> b) also want ASCII tables for lynx users

Ah, true.

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