Re: petindex renewed

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-04-02 17:44:49

MagerValp wrote:
> * You managed to type <y/h3> towards the end in pinouts.html

> * The model index should probably be the first link though.

> * Maybe more pictures? There are pics of almost all models on
> I could help with providing nice, decently sized ones
>   if you want.
Oh, didn't know that funet also has pictures (was only looking at You never stop learning...)
If you can size them appropriately that would be nice. 

Does funet have pictures of the different keyboard layouts?
I made some of my machines at home, but unfortunately they didn't work
out (not good enough)

> * Why not cover the SuperPET and B series as well?

Because I have no info about them.
Well, that is not true. I know about the B series (used to have a non-working
board I traded for a non-working - now working - 8296 :-) and I have
the schematics and some (german) docs which I still have to scan and
format. But I have little time only.

> * Some of the ASCII tables and illustrations (such as the keyboard
>   decoding and the connector pinouts) would be much easier to read if
>   they were converted to gifs and/or tables. (Hmm, how's lynx' table
>   support nowadays?)

I don't know about lynx. I do have some scans of the original 8296
addendum with the pinouts etc, but

a) didn't have time to convert them from tiff to gif
   (xv scales them down to screen size, so resolution is lost, other tools
   are scarce)

b) also want ASCII tables for lynx users


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