Foutje, bedankt!
Date: 1998-03-28 22:07:00

Hallo Andre,

> Ok, I just had a look at the schematics and I see the problem:
> According to your schematics
> VIDON is connected to PIA1 CA2 (which is output and controls EOI) _and_
> to the output of UH10D. Is this correct?

OOPS. I see what you mean. This mistake must have been introduced when dragging 
UA10C (7417). PIA1 CA2 only controls EOI. But then I'm still puzzled about the 
fact that it is also connected with UH10D = TVV.

About screen blanking: my 8032SK has NO graphics on its keyboard which means it 
isn't able to produce them. But it does :-(. Anyway, the SCHs Chris Sent me 
says you can use a 6316 as well as a 6332 as ROM. Using a 6316 means that the 
GRAPHICS line is attached  to a ChipSelect instead of a addressline. In this 
case it means that applying a (L) to GRAPHICS the ROM is disabled, meaning 
outputting nothing (but read as $FF) meaning black screen!.

I do have a smart wife: complaining about the fact that my 8032SK should not 
produce Graphics, she asks me why my computer and keyboard have a different 
color. It is 5 to 11 and I'm tired: Yes, I'm using the wrong keyboard.

Anyway I cannot check this with this 8032SK so I'll run to the livingroom and 
check it with my German SK.......... No graphics on keyboard but produces them 
as well. And this time it is the right keyboard! (A-umlaut, O-umlaut etc...)

Last comment: I'shouldn't have reading those new mails and instead should have 
gone working on the PRG as I said in my previous email. 

Good night and sleep well, Ruud

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