Date: 1998-03-28 20:49:46

Hallo allemaal,

For those who are interested I attached the SCH of my DMA project as a GIF-file.
The only parts in this SCH which I didn't mention are the dipswitches to 
connect the NMI and IRQ with any of the IRQ-lines of the PC and the 74LS125 as 
a special buffer. 

REMARK: I discovered one mistake: pin2 of U6A (125) should be attached to GND, 
NOT to Vcc. Sorry.

Enjoy yourself :-)

And now I'm going to write a PRG so I can dump the ROMs of my German 8032SK on 
disk for our friend Andre. I also will dump of my American  8032SK so he has 
something to compare with.

Groetjes, Ruud

Do me a favour: don't write so many emails to eachother. It cost me so much 
time to read and answer them that I have no time left to do anything else :-)

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