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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-27 12:54:08

MagerValp wrote:
> Andre> running on the 8x96 PET.
> Cool. How big is the memory footprint for OS/A65 2.0? Any chance of a
> port for 32K PETs? :)

Uh. Of course the embedded version (kernel reduced to scheduler ~2.3k 
and nothing else :-)) always works :-)
But if you really want to use it (numbers approximate):

4k kernel. 
4k devices (screen, null, spooler)  
1k init process, 
1k fsdev (makes devices appear like files) 
2.25k fsiec (IEEE488 filesystem) 
4k+ monitor 
6k lib6502
+ around 4k system RAM
leaves 6k.

If you drop the monitor (by relying on everything to work), you gain
around 4k. But you loose 2k for each additional virtual console
(above is for one console. And the 8032 has 2k of video RAM only,
so you cannot use the upper half of $8***, right? Can you double
check this because I am not sure even for the VICE PET emulation?
You also have to load the application program to run (or the shell
which is lsh for lib6502, which is an additional 2k or so)

You could probably trim it down, but I am afraid not that much.
And I wouldn't recommend developing prgs for other than lib6502
anymore (which is one day supposed to be source code compatible with Daniel
Dallmanns Lunix for the C64)

When I have finished the version for the 8x96 the 8032 version 
should be running in an hour (uh, I hope... After all a plain 64k RAM 
version in the 8x96 is running already)


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