DASM conditional assembly question

From: Ethan Dicks (erd_at_infinet.com)
Date: 1998-03-27 08:21:58

I'm using Matt Dillon's DASM V2.12 (as enhanced by Olaf Siebert) under Solaris
to do my cross assembly for programs running under VICE, and I'm having
problems getting conditional assembly to work.  Can someone e-mail me a
short example?

What I'm trying to do is to write one .src file that will compile for VIC, PET
and C-64, depending on the switches to DASM, or, barring that, by depending
on a unique header for each architecture that defines the appropriate symbol.

When I get a compilable example, I'll be posting a library I wrote for the PET
to emulate the most important VIC/C-64 kernal calls (SETLFS, OPEN, etc.)  It
took me weeks to root around in the PET ROMs to match up functionality with
its younger brothers.  The library makes C-64 programs source compatible with
the PET (BASIC 4.0 only, for now), but there's nothing stopping anyone from
compiling it for an out-of-the-way address and patching a C-64 binary for
the new entry points.  So far, the acid test has been porting Zork I to the
PET.  It mostly works, but I think part of the print routine in the ROMs is
stepping on some zero page variable used by the Z-machine.  


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