Re: DC-DC transverter

From: Sam Laur (
Date: 1998-03-24 06:27:51

>   First I tried some voltage doubler type stuff, but they seem to be
> too weak. The easiest solution, the ICL232 output voltage is under the
> ass of the frog if I start to draw some current from it. Also, a similar
> circuit (transistors + diodes + capacitors) generated about .7V per
> doubler level @ 15 mA :-(.
>   Does anybody of you know a relative easy solution for this?

First, if price isn't a factor, there's Newport Components NMA0512S / NMA0512D.
They can deliver 1 W, and the price seems to be about 80 FIM in single qty.
(1 USD = 5.56 FIM) It is a module (about 1 * 1.5 cm) which already contains
everything needed for the DC-DC conversion.

Then there's MAX864, which tops at 20 mA and needs two capacitors, and isn't
exactly the chip you need - it generates double the input voltage on both 
the positive side and negative side so it's only +-10 V...

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