DC-DC transverter

From: Levente Harsfalvi (levente.h_at_usa.net)
Date: 1998-03-24 01:55:02

Hi Folks!

  I'm cooking something in my caves :-). But it seems like I found
a problem which I don't know, how to solve :-(.

  I'd need +-12V levels at max. 20 mA. The power supply voltage is, 'of
course', a standard stabilized +5V DC. The +-12v outputs shouldn't drop more
than 2-3 Volts @ 20 mA.

  First I tried some voltage doubler type stuff, but they seem to be
too weak. The easiest solution, the ICL232 output voltage is under the
ass of the frog if I start to draw some current from it. Also, a similar
circuit (transistors + diodes + capacitors) generated about .7V per
doubler level @ 15 mA :-(.

  Does anybody of you know a relative easy solution for this?

Thanks, in advance...


Ps. Ruud, you are a Dutchman, aren't you?
I remember, once you wrote something like "went to the moon" or a
similar expression.
I also remember a band (Culture Beat) who had a song 'Rocket to the
Moon'. Those people were also from Holland (or at least their KERNAL
was :-) ).
Could you explain me a bit more precisely, how and when this expression is
used? I'd like to understand the lyrics a bit better, that's all why I bore
you with this.  ...Thx.

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