Re: Internet box in C=

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-02 12:29:11

Silvije Filipovic wrote:
> Is there any chance of finding TCP/IP stack bundled with something
> graphical like GEOS, for use on C64 & C128 , like QNX on a single 3.5 "
> for PC ?

AFAIK nothing bundled with something graphical. 
Only Daniel Dallmann has a TCP/SLIP stack with telnet for the plain
C64, and I have one integrated into my GeckOS 6502 operating system.

> It would be a real revival of Commodore into Internet space, if there
> could be found at least E-mail tool and lynx like client (though graphics
> is what Web makes so great...

My OS provides a standard library with internet access routines. A
tool using these calls shouldn't be that difficult - only I don't have
the time at the moment.


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