Re: Two new PRGs
Date: 1998-02-08 19:11:54

Hallo Mark,

> You may recall that I mentioned something about PET ROMs a while ago. I was 
> not
> entirely successful in dumping the ROM data from an 8096; I got a load error 
> at
> the end when loading the data into a C64.
> Anyway, if anyone is interested in the ROM data from this and two other pets
> (from memory an 8032 and a 3008?), and feels like writing a little program to
> dump all the ROMs to tape, please do and send it to me. Then I can try it out
> to see if it works any better than my effort.

I'm interested in the 8096 ROM because I've one + extra MB, both not working. I 
haven't made a serious effort yet to repair them but having a valid ROM could 
About the 3008 and 8032, I have both machines and a 4040 :-) I have the ROM of 
the 8032 at hand, the 3008 takes more time due to the fact that I had not 
enough room on my room for all the C=s. I look for the numbers on the ROMs and 
if Marko agrees I'll send them to him to compare with the ones he has. If you, 
or any body is interested as well, send me a persomal email, because I don't 
want to "flood" other persons emailboxes.

Groetjes, Ruud

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