Re: Two new PRGs
Date: 1998-02-08 19:11:54

Hallo Steve,

> Cool.  I have a 64 disassembler that I have used in the past -- it lets you
> define a series of labels so that e.g. JSR $FFD2 can be redefined as
> JSR CHROUT or whatnot.  One of my long-term goals is to completely
> disassemble and document the entire 64 kernal (i.e. understand every
> byte of code in it, and to understand the big picture/how all the 
> routines fit together) for C=Hacking or whatnot.
> And speaking of disassembling code, if anyone is interested I have written 
> a 65816 ML monitor and placed it (+source +docs) in the fridge
> Note that it requires a SuperCPU to run.
> -Steve

Last week I implemented that feature, Thanks for the tip. I had to disassemble 
my 4040 kernel due to an error in the disassembler. I had the choice to replace 
the original generated labels with an editor again or implement this feature 
and use the previous listing as source.

BTW, I found a big bug in my assembler, it converts all lowcase to upcase 
characters :-(. What it makes a big bug is the fact that the conversion is in 
the beginning of the parser, this means scanning the complete SW all over. The 
bug is introduced a month ago during a major clean up. 

Groetjes, Ruud

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