Re: Two new PRGs

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare (
Date: 1998-02-03 17:56:09

Mark wrote:
> On 01-Feb-98, Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> >You were probably using ASCII mode transfer.  Use FTP to download the
> >files; Windows Netscape won't download them correctly because they lack a
> >file suffix, and the server claims them to be text/plain.  Also have a
> >look at the PET drive binaries.  I'll also get some PET binaries (with ROM
> >part numbers) soon.
> You may recall that I mentioned something about PET ROMs a while ago. I was not
> entirely successful in dumping the ROM data from an 8096; I got a load error at
> the end when loading the data into a C64.
> Anyway, if anyone is interested in the ROM data from this and two other pets
> (from memory an 8032 and a 3008?), and feels like writing a little program to
> dump all the ROMs to tape, please do and send it to me. Then I can try it out
> to see if it works any better than my effort.
> Related to this, I would like to obtain a copy of the data from the VisiCalc
> ROM; I have the original disk, but it requires that a ROM be installed to run.
> (I also need to get a PET disk drive...)
> -- Mark

I use Supermon to [T]ransfer the ROM images to lower RAM memory then
[S]ave them to tape or disk, then transfer them to a 64 (and to disk if
necessary) lastly I alter the load address in the first block to restore
the proper address.  Kinda round-about but it does the trick!

                  Larry Anderson
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