C64 C's are buggy

From: Levente Harsfalvi (levente.h_at_usa.net)
Date: 1998-01-06 17:05:41

Hmmm, I don't know but maybe, some of you too, have met this subject;
I've seen so many dead C64C's (the newer case, with narrow
board) having the same defect - I have to suppose it might have some
faults of it's design.

  I used to repair computers (mostly, to my friends or anybody who
knows that I do). So I guess I met quite a lot of C64's (so is it
with the new version). When I open a C64c, sure, 4 of 5 has the
'drams dead' and some 2-3 the 'either or both CIA's dead' symptom.

  I suppose there must be something wrong with the power circuitry (or
evil knows, there are some differences between the two main revisions
but no others seem to be serious). ...Well, that's all I know. But
does anybody of you have a clue about the real reason of these crashes?


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