From: Christer Palm (
Date: 2003-02-02 16:40:10

Nicolas Welte; address is valid for replies (Re:) only! wrote:
> Can anyone think of problems that I could create when I patch this code
> fragment?

As Groepaz points out, the C64 KERNAL has the same piece of code. Many 
replacement ROMs (i.e. SpeedDOS and the like) already has it removed, so 
it should be 100% safe to remove it.

It is indeed one of the major reasons to why many programs do not 
survive a reset properly.

Its history would surely make a good piece of trivia. It was hardly put 
in there by mistake and it couldn't be one of those "am I running from 
ROM?" protection mechanisms as such a mechanism would surely write 
something different than what's already there.

Christer Palm

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