Re: 6510 CPU extensions

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2002-04-22 15:05:25

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    That IS really cool, Just the thought of debugging a program *while* it
    is running... (and all the spectatular lockups you will accidentally get
    when you fudge the wrong instruction!)  ;-)  Those traps and triggers
    would be useful too for debugging.
    Gideon Zweijtzer wrote:
    > To those who are interested in the 6510 FPGA project,
    > Last weekend I implemented an extra feature to the 6510 FPGA. It is now
    > possible to connect the 6510 board to the PC by means of a serial cable. A
    > simple UART inside the CPU (that runs at a fixed bitrate of approx. 115200)
    > gives access to the CPU-bus by means of a simple protocol. This hardware
    > protocol-block is capable of generating internal DMA cycles. In other words,
    > it is now possible to look in the C-64's memory or write into the C-64's
    > memory while the C-64 is running. You can imagine that at 115200 kbps this
    > gives a "fast" way of loading a program into memory (about 10KB/s), after
    > which you just have to type 'RUN' on the C-64. (Heh, maybe I can even put
    > 'run\r' in the keyboard buffer after writing the program into memory... ;)
    > Some additional ideas are to implement commands to 'stop' and 'start' the
    > CPU, trigger on a certain address, add a trace-buffer and an 'array of
    > counters' that count the usage of opcodes. The latter provides an excellent
    > way for profiling software and to find bugs in the CPU during development.
    > With kind regards,
    > Gideon
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