RE: 6510 CPU extensions
Date: 2002-04-22 12:10:21

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    Hallo John,
    > Now my memory fails me... the 6502 outputs the clock on a 
    > couple of pins, to feed to other devices that might need
    > it.  Does the 6510  do the same?
    An addition to Gideons answer: the input of a 6502 is called PHI0 (PHI
    zero). The 6502 outputs TWO clock signals: PHI1, the inverse of PHI0, and
    PHI2, a delayed version of PHI0. There is a delay between the flanks of PHI0
    and PHI1. Never measured it exactly but I thougt it was about 12 ns.
    Some computers don't need PHI1. The first model of the VIC-20, the one with
    only 2114-SRAMs, doesn't need it. Its successor, the one with 2K*8 SRAMs,
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