Re: Re: Update on emulating a paddle on the C64.

From: Craig T. Taylor (
Date: 2004-12-11 18:50:37

> From: Christopher Phillips <>
> Date: 2004/12/11 Sat AM 06:19:59 EST
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> Subject: Re: Update on emulating a paddle on the C64.

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> How precise is the 7000?  You could always change the new code to
> tmp=new/2-old/2
> and compare to 3500 instead - that would avoid the problem with large 
> jumps getting lost.

Actually, tmp=(new-old)/2 is better. (Really, tmp=(new-old)>>1 if the compiler has a crappy optimizer). It's best to loose precision at the end of an expression rather than midstream. The revised formula will feel more responsive to relative changes while the new/2 - old/2 would be okay for boundary changes. 

- Craig Taylor

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